Renaissance Girl

Corinne Duyvis
Find my real blog at my website, or here at LiveJournal at cduyvis. I also tend to spam Twitter.

I'm Corinne Duyvis: an artist, author, and endless procrastinator.

I'm a Clarion West 2011 graduate and have I've published a handful of short stories, but my main focus is on writing speculative kidlit novels. My novel-length work is represented by Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Literary Agency.

My debut Otherbound, a YA fantasy novel, will hit shelves in 2014, courtesy of Amulet Books/Abrams Books.

I'm also all about fighting ablism, sexim, cissexism, racism, sizism, homophobia, transphobia, and all those related things. In my case, this usually translates to "shutting the hell up while smarter people talk," signal boosting, using what I learn in my novels, and generally trying not to be a jerk.